Stress Intervention

Stress intervention in individuals refers to the various strategies and techniques employed to help individuals manage and cope with stress effectively. It involves identifying stressors, understanding their impact on physical and mental well-being, and implementing interventions to alleviate or minimise the negative effects of stress. Stress intervention cases are prioritised with expert advice being given and onward signposting for the employee to appropriate resources including support lines.



  • Improved mental well-being and reduced risk of mental health disorders.
  • Enhanced productivity and performance in personal and professional domains.
  • Increased overall quality of life and better coping skills for future stressors.

Other Services

→ Employee Assistance Programme
→ Health Questionnaires
→ Counselling
→ Telephone & Video Consulting
→ Health Surveillance
→ Sickness Absence Management
→ Assessment & Support
→ Physiotherapy